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Pulang Sekolah Sendiri “Going Home from School Alone”

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Pulang Sekolah Sendiri "Going Home from School Alone"

Dini anak kelas 1 SD. Ia bersekolah di ujung kompleks rumahnya.
Dini is a 1st grade of Elementary School student. She is going to
school located at the end of the complex of her house.

Setiap pergi dan pulang sekolah Dini selalu diantar dan dijemput Bundanya.
Every time she goes to and back from school Dini is always accompanied and
picked up by her Mom.

Namun suatu hari, karena ada halangan mendadak, Bunda Dini tidak
bisa menjemput Dini di sekolah….
However one day, because there is a sudden problem Dini’s Mom can’t pick Dini
up at school…

“Tidak ada cara lain… Dini sekarang harus berani pulang sendiri tanpa
dijemput Bunda….” ucap Dini
“There’s no other way… Dini now has to be brave to go home alone without
being picked up by Mom…” said Dini

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