Mewarnai Gambar Keluarga Beruang Kutub


Mewarnai Gambar Keluarga Beruang Kutub

Ebook Baby Animals Coloring Book

Did you know that young animals have their own special names? Baby cats, for instance, are called kittens, and a joey is a baby koala. Pups can be the youngsters of adult dogs or seals; and cubs have tigers, lions, wolves, or pandas as parents.

Nature lovers (and coloring book fans of all ages) will enjoy coloring the adorable creatures in these 30 portraits of baby animals. Included, among others, are scenes of four little piglets staying close to their mom, two white-tailed fawns grazing on a hillside, a pair of beagle pups resting under their father?s attentive eye, and two young calves being watched over by mother giraffes. Dover Original.?(

Judul: Baby Animals Coloring Book
Penulis/Ilustrator: Ruth Soffer
ISBN 10: 0486433315
ISBN 13: 978-0486433318
Penerbit: Dover Publications
Isi: 32 halaman
Cover: Soft Cover
Dimensi: 8 x 0.2 x 10.8 inch
Kategori: PAUD TK/Mewarnai/English Books/Activity
Bahasa: English
Harga: Paperback $ 3.99
Berat: 5 ons
Terbit: CLR edition (19 Agustus, 2004)
Usia: 0-7 tahun
Seri: Dover Pictorial Archives

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Sumber dan Kontributor:
Penerbit Dover Publications


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