Dzul Qarnain and the Fortress of Gog and Magog


Dzul Qarnain dan Benteng Ya'juj dan Ma'juj

Dzul Qarnain and the Fortress of Gog and Magog

In a country, there was a king named Dzul Qarnain or Iskandar Agung.

Dzul Qarnain has been given power by Allah SWT.

Dzul Qarnain was gifted with the ability to rule on earth.

One day, Allah SWT ordered Dzul Qarnain to go on a journey.

Then, Dzul Qarnain arrived in a country where the sun set in a sea that was black as mud.

The area borders the Atlantic Ocean.

Dzul Qarnain also encountered a nation that did not believe in Allah SWT.

Dzul Qarnain said to his advisors, “I will sentence those who have committed crimes to death. Then, they will receive punishment from Allah SWT. Meanwhile, those who believe will receive a good reward.”

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Then, Dzul Qarnain continued his journey eastward.

Dzul Qarnain arrived in Asia.

In that area, the sun rises freely.

Dzul Qarnain then continued his journey.

Dzul Qarnain and his troops traveled north.

Dzul Qarnain arrived between two mountains.

The mountains are Mount Armenis and Azerbajab.

Between those two mountains, there is a people who hardly understand a single language, except their own.

The area where the two nations reside is near the Durban City of the Daghistan region.

In the past, the city was called Babul Hadid or Iron Door by the Arabs.

A translator came to Dzul Qarnain.

He said that the two nations inhabiting the region were called Gog and Magog.

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Gog and Magog always do damage.

The translator asked Dzul Qarnain to build an iron fort that could thwart the attacks of Gog and Magog.

The translator promised Dzul Qarnain a high fee.

“Allah has given me power. “I will provide assistance to build the wall,” said Dzul Qarnain.

Dzul Qarnain began making preparations to build the iron wall.

QS. Al Kahf: 83-101