Prophet David and Aliat Village


Nabi Daud dan Desa Aliat

Among the teachings of the Prophet Musa (AS) to the Children of Israel was the obligation to worship one day every week.

On that day, Prophet Musa (a.s.) ordered the Children of Israel to worship and make dhikr to Allah SWT.

On that same day, Allah SWT forbade them to trade and carry out worldly things.

Initially, Friday was chosen as the day of worship.

However, they asked that the day of worship be moved to Saturday considering that on that day Allah SWT finished creating His creatures.

This proposal was accepted by Prophet Musa AS.

Since then, on Saturdays, they have worshiped and done good deeds.

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This habit continues.

During the time of Prophet David (as) in power, there was a village called Aliat.

Aliat Village is located on the edge of the Red Sea.

In Aliat Village, a group of Bani Israel lived who made their living as fishermen, traders and craftsmen.

Aliat Village residents work every day, except Saturdays.

On Saturday, fish appeared to appear above the sea surface.

Meanwhile, on normal days, the fish return to the bottom of the ocean.

Fishermen who have difficulty finding fish on weekdays are interested in catching fish on Saturday nights and Saturdays.

Aliat Village residents flock to catch fish on Saturday nights and Saturdays.

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The results obtained were very satisfying.

Pious and faithful people came and reprimanded the residents of Aliat Village.

However, the fishermen from Aliat Village ignored the warning.

Finally, the believers prohibited the fishermen from Aliat Village from entering the city.

QS. Al Araf: 163-166, Saba: 10-11, Al Baqarah: 65-66


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