Two Angelic Guests Rebuke the Prophet David AS


Dua Tamu Malaikat Menegur Nabi Daud as

Two Angelic Guests Rebuke the Prophet David AS

Prophet David (as) could not do anything other than receive the two guests.

After the shock disappeared, Prophet Daud asked the two of them.

“Tell me, what is your problem that makes you insist on meeting me?” asked the Prophet David AS.

“My brother has 99 ewes and I have one sheep,” said the first guest.

“He demanded and insisted on me that I hand over to him my sheep to complete his farm with a hundred heads,” continued the first guest.

“He has various reasons which are difficult for me to refuse because he is more articulate than me,” added the first guest to the Prophet Daud as.

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Prophet David (AS) looked at the second guest and asked, “Is what he said true?”

“That’s right,” answered the second guest, nodding his head.

“Then you have wronged your brother,” exclaimed the Prophet David (AS) with a red face from holding back anger.

“I will not let you commit wrongdoing. You will receive appropriate punishment for committing wrongdoing,” added Prophet David (AS).

“O David,” said the second guest who would be punished by the Prophet David (AS) said.

“Actually, you are the one who deserves the punishment you threatened me with,” said the second guest.

“Don’t you already have 99 wives?” exclaimed the second guest.

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“Why did you marry a girl who has been engaged to your own soldier for a long time, even though the young man is very loyal to you?” exclaimed the second guest while staring intently at Prophet David (AS).

Prophet David (AS) was stunned to hear the words of the second guest.

Prophet David (as) thought hard about what those words meant.

Suddenly, the two guests disappeared from the presence of Prophet David (AS).

Then, Prophet David (AS) realized that the two male guests were angels sent by Allah SWT to warn him.

Prophet Daud AS immediately realized his mistake in marrying Sabigh, who apparently already had a fiancé.

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Prophet David (AS) also repented to Allah SWT.

His repentance was accepted and Allah SWT granted forgiveness to Prophet David (AS).

QS. Shad: 17-25


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