Abu Bakr was Willing to be Bitten by a Snake to Protect the Prophet


Namun, kesakitan itu berusaha Abu Bakar tahan karena takut membangunkan Rasulullah Saw yang sedang tertidur lelap di atas pangkuannya.

One day, Abu Bakr accompanied Rasulullah SAW in the Tsur Cave from the pursuit of the Quraysh infidels.

Because he was very tired, Rasulullah SAW immediately fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Abu Bakr saw that there were three holes in the cave wall.

Because he was worried that wild animals would injure Rasulullah SAW, Abu Bakr then covered one of the holes with a piece of cloth from his clothes.

While the other two holes are covered with both feet.

Suddenly, one of Abu Bakar’s legs, which was used to close the hole, was bitten by a venomous snake.

Uuukh! Abu Bakar winced in pain.

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However, Abu Bakr tried to endure the pain for fear of waking Rasulullah SAW who was fast asleep in his lap.

I was so sorry for Rasulullah SAW, Abu Bakr also kept closing the hole with his feet, so that the snake could not come out and peck Rasulullah SAW.

However, the tears of pain were unstoppable.

So that finally dripped on the face of Rasulullah SAW.

So the Apostle immediately woke up and was surprised to see Abu Bakr almost fainted holding a venomous snake bite.

Rasulullah SAW immediately treated the wound while praying.

“O Allah, make Abu Bakr equal to me in heaven later….”

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Finally, with Allah’s permission, Abu Bakr’s wound healed instantly. ***

Moral message

The perfection of faith can be seen from your love for your brother.